This type of Doppler uses a computer to change sound waves into different colors. These colors show the speed and direction of blood flow in real time. Power Doppler, a newer type of color Doppler. It can provide more detail of blood flow than standard color Doppler.
Test Name Price ( PKR )
Carotid 3000
Venous One Leg 2500
Venous Two Leg 5000
Venous One Arm 2500
Venous Two Arm 5000
Renal Artery 3000
Fetal Anomaly Scan 1500
Arterial One Leg 2500
Arterial Two Leg 5000
Arterial One Arm 2500
Arterial Two Arm 5000
Neck 1500
TVS 1500
TRUS 1500
MSK 1800
Breast One 1500
Breast Two 3000
Cranial 1500
Diagnostic Pleural Tap 1500
Therapeutic Pleural Tap 3000
Abscess Drainage 2500
Peadiatric Hip Join 1500
Obstetrices Doppler 2000
Soft Tissue USG 2500
Doppler Venous Lower Limb One + Perforators 2500

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